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Our H&T Running Community

We're not just about running races, virtual or otherwise - we're about the shared love of running and the sense of community that comes from running together, supporting each other to reach our goals and celebrating each other's successes.  We also believe passionately in encouraging young people to participate and foster a love of running that will last their whole life.

Eventually, we would love to offer an informal group 5k run once a week as an opportunity to run together & get to know each other but for the time being we are trying to arrange some reasonably regular free social runs, which we call our H&T Huddles.  We try to make them a little different by doing them in the evening (fancy a headlight run?) or testing out some new routes as well as using them for familiarisation sessions on our regular routes.

Should you wish to join our H&T Huddles then join our closed Facebook group where we share and publicise the dates and times that we will be meeting. Click here to go to our closed H&T Facebook page (you might need to request access for the first time).


We look forward to running with you soon! 

H&T Huddle Enquiry

The H&T Closed Facebook group should provide all the information you need - but if you have a question for us then please feel free to message us using the form below

Thank you - your message has been sent & our Membership Secretary will be in touch soon.

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