Virtual Races FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is a Virtual Race?

A race that can be run (or walked!) anytime, anywhere and with anyone, even on a treadmill! It gives you the opportunity to earn a great medal, while giving some money to a local charity at the same time!

How does a Virtual Race work?

Simply register for one of our virtual races/challenges, go out and run, and then upload your information to our website or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
For example, in the case of the special monthly event, a picture of your watch after your run, showing time and distance would be fine. The monthly mileage challenges where it might take you a few runs to reach your target mileage - these can be submitted using a screenshot of your Garmin connect dashboard or your Strava page. To make even easier, you can always use that old friend a pen and paper to record your runs and then send us an image of your scribbles at the end of the month! We'll send your finisher's medal to you as soon as we receive your run information. We're happy to take your results in whatever format you send them to us!

Can anyone participate?

Yes, absolutely! Fast or slow, Hare or Tortoise :-) - we encourage runners of all ability levels and ages.

Do I have to run?

In a word, NO. You can run, walk or crawl, whatever your chosen pace, set your goal and then go out and accomplish it!

Do I have to run it all in one go?

In the case of a 1000 mile annual challenge - I should hope not!

Seriously, if you find that you have entered a 5k event but need to break it up into 2/3 sessions over a couple of days to make up the distance, that’s absolutely fine!

Just send us an image of your watch with the various distances and times on after you reach your goal.

How do I keep track of my results?

There are numerous ways to keep track of your results these days, from the faithful running diary, to the super-efficient online training support platforms that do it all for you.

We don't mind how you submit it, or what format it is in. Keeping track of your running doesn’t need to be complicated, so we will leave it up to you to decide.

Where do I upload my results?

You can upload your results to us using any of the following: email at, Facebook page - click on the Facebook link at the top of each page & "like" us Twitter page - click on the Twitter link on the top of the page and "follow" us Website results submission page It would be great to see a race photo that could be included in the Virtual Race gallery for the event, a gallery full of watches isn’t that exciting! Please do send us a photo once you receive your medal and we’ll make sure you get the recognition you deserve for your achievements!

What happens if I don't upload my results in time?

You can submit your results up to a month after the end of the race timeframe. We hope that this will give you plenty of time to complete the event and then a month to upload your results. Some Virtual race websites send your medals regardless, but we believe that this is supposed to be in recognition and reward for your efforts. So, unless we receive your results, we will be unable to send you your finishers medal. We hope you agree that It is unfair on those that made the effort to complete the task and submit their results on time, to simply mail out the medals to all those who registered, regardless of whether they have completed the event or submitted results. We have made it really simple to submit results in any way, shape or form.

What happens if I simply run out of time and don’t complete the distance in the event timeframe?

Having created this as a way to give people the flexibility to run when they are able, telling people they can’t have their medals because they couldn’t quite fit it in, doesn't seem right! Therefore, we will operate some flexibility on the timeframes for your events. For the Monthly Mileage Challenges we will give you 14 days after the last day of the month to complete your target, there is less flexibility around the special events as they are intended to be run on a specific day, but we'll still give you a few days either side of the event. It is worth remembering though, that you entered the event to achieve the goal, so don’t lose sight of that along the way and try and make time as best you can. If you are really struggling, let us know…I am sure we can help somehow.

What if I miss one of the events/medals that I really want?

You have two options – you can wait until the next year comes around, hoping that we haven’t run out the previous year or decided to change it, or you can opt for our ‘Pick & Mix’ Virtual Race and pick from the remaining medals to make up your set, should you be missing a vital one!

Are there any additional shipping/postage costs associated with my medal?

No, the entry fee covers the postage of your medals, to anywhere in the UK. However, should you be outside the UK, we do make an additional international shipping charge. Please contact us if you wish to gain an accurate international shipping quote at .

How much of my entry fee goes to the chosen charity?

We are committed to making a donation of £1.50/race entry to local charities.

How do you pick your chosen charities?

Initially, we have chosen some local charities that we are aware of personally. It would be great to receive some recommendations and possible charities for future races. We'd like to support charities in our local area so please do nominate local charities in the county of Essex if possible. However, if there are charities that are making a difference where you live or nationally, please let us know and we will do our best to include any that are put forward.