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Virtual Races

It’s not always easy to turn up on any given day, alongside hundreds of other runners and complete a running event. Sometimes it can be difficult enough to find time to run by yourself, in your own time! When you do though, it always feels great to have done so and imagine how good it would feel to then receive a medal for your efforts!

Please see the FAQ page here for further details on our Virtual Races and how it all works! 

Virtual Challenges Shop

Fancy some motivation to get that run done? For a limited time only, these medals are all available to run Virtually!

In order to keep you motivated through these unprecedented times where we are not able to get together to run, you will be able to earn your bling and then brag about it as normal!

Once you've decided which medal is your precious, we'll send it off to you with your race number, then it's over to you to run your race when it suits you.

We look forward to seeing your bling pics when you've decided you've earned it!

NB: Some medals have specific distance ribbons attached and we are unable to change them for you. In some cases we have spare ribbons for various distances, which we will enclose with your order where possible.

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