Virtual Races

It’s not always easy to turn up on any given day, alongside hundreds of other runners and complete a running event. Sometimes it can be difficult enough to find time to run by yourself, in your own time! When you do though, it always feels great to have done so and imagine how good it would feel to then receive a medal for your efforts!

Not only do you benefit from a great medal(s) for your endeavours, but £1.50 from every Virtual race entry goes directly to a local Charity.  Each Charity is stated on the race brief, so you can see which great charity you are helping as you take every step towards your goal. 

Please see the FAQ page here for further details on our Virtual Races and how it all works! 


Annual Mileage Challenge

How about a longer term goal to keep you focused throughout the seasons?

We have two mileage targets for you to work towards - 500 miles and 1000 miles.

Unlike many annual mileage challenges that you have to start on the 1st January, you have 12 months to complete the mile target and you choose when your year starts - it can be from ANY time of ANY month ‘running’ through for 365 days to complete your annual challenge. 

Keep track of your miles, submit monthly results via the website results submission page, and see how you’re progressing alongside other people heading for the same goal.


The only question left is which one will you go for?

CHARITY - Essex Mind


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